CRESCYNT Toolbox – Developing and Sharing Protocols

Reproducibility is a challenge. Features of ( make it an attractive way to capture, develop, refine, share, and – when you’re ready – publish protocols and procedures. It’s optimized for both computer and mobile access, and also allows one to start with an existing protocol, fork it, make modifications, reference the original so that credit is preserved for both old and new versions, and when published at becomes a way to reference the procedure as a citation.

protocols_ioA short video at offers more detail. Consider it when you need to document a stepwise process or capture a workflow, then share your effort in a reproducible way, and get credit for your digital research products.

CRESCYNT Toolbox – Developing and Sharing Protocols

Coral Reef Research Use Cases

During the International Coral Reef Symposium we were able to gather a collection of coral reef research use case summaries, particularly during our workshops and node meetings; some of these will be further developed into full use cases. In this instance, “use case” refers to a real research example that particularly emphasizes data and analysis workflows and associated pain points – defining the challenges researchers face with technological needs. and a way of gathering user requirements from this community for EarthCube architecture. We’re working in conjunction with a broader effort at EarthCube to collect use cases from multiple geoscience communities for just this purpose.

Below is a selection of these summary use cases for coral reefs – the range of scales and diversity of  disciplines is both remarkable and very characteristic of coral reef research work. We invite you to submit your own coral reef use case summary information!


Interestingly, while the range of scales and diversity of disciplines are both very great, the reported COLLECTIVE DATA NEEDS of coral reef researchers are remarkably consistent. Here’s a quick word cloud reflecting the expressed data needs of researchers – very similar even though the tools required to address the science questions vary by scale and discipline. (Specific statements underlying this representation listed above underneath Coral Reef Use Cases heading for summaries).


Coral Reef Research Use Cases


CRESCYNT IS AT #ICRS2016 – International Coral Reef Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii!


WORKSHOP – Cyber Tools and Resources for Coral Reef Research and Analysis
Sun. June 19 8:30am-4:00pm, Hawaii Convention Center rm 314
(breakfast, lunch provided – register here)
ask about materials / future webinars if you miss
sponsored by EarthCube CRESCYNT – some seats still open!

CRESCYNT Node Coordinators Meeting
Mon June 20 6:00-8:30pm, Hawaii Convention Center 307 A/B

OPEN MEETING – CRESCYNT Participants with Node Coordinators
Wed June 22, 11:30am-12:45pm, Hawaii Convention Center 307A/B
(bring your ICRS lunch – we’ll have ice cream)
OPEN TO ALL – come if you’re interested!

DISCUSSION & SYNTHESIS SESSION: Emerging Technologies for Reef Science and Conservation
Fri June 24, 9:30am-3:45pm, Hawaii Convention Center 312icrs2016-footer
(Discussion 11-11:30am. CRESCYNT at 2pm)

UPDATE: Find all the meeting abstracts in this 414-page pdf book


Successful Forum at Ocean Sciences Meeting, New Orleans – iSamples, CRESCYNT, & SeaView

The topic was:  Physical Samples in the Ocean Sciences. It was great to co-host with these terrific EarthCube groups – thanks to iSamples for providing lunch!  Details:

This event was jointly hosted by the EarthCube groups:
iSamples Research Coordination Network,
CRESCYNT Coral Reef Science & Cyberinfrastructure Network, and the
SeaView Integrative Activity.

OSM attendees were invited, and we had a great discussion over lunch; we were also pleased to be joined by EarthCube’s Marine Annually-Resolved Proxy Archives group.

The discussion provided opportunities for researchers to learn about these collaborative groups, how they support digital and physical sample management, options for sample citation in publications, links to related content such as field expeditions, datasets, and ORCIDs for investigators, and to tell us about YOUR challenges with your sample collections, their curation, documentation, and preservation, and how you want to access and visualize data related to samples. The forum was also an opportunity to check out existing tools that can help you manage your samples. Participants of all levels and from all disciplines were encouraged to attend – and did. You can register your physical samples with SESAR to obtain IGSNs for unique sample identification.

On a related note – just prior to the Ocean Sciences Meeting, CRESCYNT was able to attend a workshop offered by SeaView, and we admire the work  they’re doing to get data facilities, toolmakers, and domain scientists in the same room and on the same page in order to integrate disparate datasets. It’s an ambitious and groundbreaking practical project, and it was impressive to see people begin to address and solve some of the inevitable challenges of metadata interoperability.

Crescynt-at-EarthCube-booth-OSM2016We also had a great time hanging out at the EarthCube table periodically  and talking with so many creative people who came by: scientists, tech people, underwater filmmakers(!), students ambitious for innovation…  The conversations were a reminder that EarthCube is all about people and open sharing and integration of ideas.


Successful Forum at Ocean Sciences Meeting, New Orleans – iSamples, CRESCYNT, & SeaView

CRESCYNT at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016 – and nearly 100 coral reef presentations!

The 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting is coming up in New Orleans 21-26 February 2016, and we hope to see you there! There are 97 oral and poster session presentations scheduled with CORAL in the title (plus a lunchtime presentation from CRESCYNT, making 98), and we hope to talk with coral reef researchers about YOUR needs and priorities for data, analysis, and cyberinfrastructure.

1 – Joint lunchtime discussion held with iSamples, CRESCYNT, and SeaView on Monday, Feb. 22, 12:30-2:00pm. Lunch will be provided! Register at

2 – CRESCYNT coral reef RCN will be at the EarthCube exhibitor booth 507 periodically, including Tuesday, Feb. 23, 9:30am – 2:00pm and on other days by appointment. Come by at that time or any time to fill out a CRESCYNT priority survey and learn more about EarthCube.

3 – Please email us at to set something up. We’d love to talk with you while at OSM (or any other time).

The chart below shows when the coral-related oral papers and poster sessions will take place. Hope to see you there!

Coral Presentations at OSM 2016
Coral Presentations at OSM 2016
CRESCYNT at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016 – and nearly 100 coral reef presentations!