Coral Reef Research Use Cases

During the International Coral Reef Symposium we were able to gather a collection of coral reef research use case summaries, particularly during our workshops and node meetings; some of these will be further developed into full use cases. In this instance, “use case” refers to a real research example that particularly emphasizes data and analysis workflows and associated pain points – defining the challenges researchers face with technological needs. and a way of gathering user requirements from this community for EarthCube architecture. We’re working in conjunction with a broader effort at EarthCube to collect use cases from multiple geoscience communities for just this purpose.

Below is a selection of these summary use cases for coral reefs – the range of scales and diversity of  disciplines is both remarkable and very characteristic of coral reef research work. We invite you to submit your own coral reef use case summary information!


Interestingly, while the range of scales and diversity of disciplines are both very great, the reported COLLECTIVE DATA NEEDS of coral reef researchers are remarkably consistent. Here’s a quick word cloud reflecting the expressed data needs of researchers – very similar even though the tools required to address the science questions vary by scale and discipline. (Specific statements underlying this representation listed above underneath Coral Reef Use Cases heading for summaries).


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Coral Reef Research Use Cases